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Details: Jan 01, 1995

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History of Guardian Force

Details: Jan 01, 1995

Originally founded in 1995, then disbanded in 2003. Reformed years later in 2014.

From 1995 to 2002, alot of work went into the first group & we were for a time just a online gaming group across various titles that enjoyed lan parties & some online tournaments. The primary goal wasn't realized until 2000. The next 2 to 3 years resulted in an effort towards the creation of a new MMO the likes none had ever been made before, but this was short lived.

In 2003 a single member of the group decided to try & steal the MMO efforts for selfish gain through the manipulation of the member base. However they couldn't have anticipated the disbandment order & then my departure.

After my departure the group had remained dispersed pending a regroup order, this would last 11 years.

Now at long last the regroup order has been issued, all prior members are hereby given the option to return with the exception of those black listed.

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About Me:

Name: GF-Sephiroth

Age: 18+ (for legal reasons)

Gender: Male

Country of Origin: USA

Rank: Founder

Hobbies: Unknown

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Contact: Unavailable